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Water CSR, Utility Billing & Accounting

254-896-6501 X3



Deposit $200.00

* Tap Fee $4,000.00 for 3/4" Line or $4,500.00 for 1" Line

*Billing Information 254-896-6501

* To Report Water Leaks or Water Emergencies call 896-6501 or 896-6681 (Day)

* To Report a Water Related Emergency at Night
(254) 424-8480 or (254) 424-6658

Residential 3/4” Meter Water rates inside the City:
A. Monthly base rate $ 38.00
B. 0 - 1,000 gallons (INCLUDED IN BASE CHARGE) $ 0.00
C. 1001 - 20,000 gallons $ 6.00
D. 20,001 - 40,000 gallons $ 6.50
E. 40,001 plus $ 10.00


Deposit $100.00

Tap Fee $4,500.00

Billing Information 254-896-6501

* Sewer Emergency Number 896-6501 or 896-6681 (Day)
* Night Emergency (254) 424-8480 or (254) 424-6658
Sewer rates or charges shall be based upon
the amount of water supplied by the municipal waterworks
as shown by the water meter based on the average water usage
for the months of December, January, and February.
Monthly rates are as follows:
(1) Commercial Sewer rates in the City:
A. Monthly base rate $20.00
B. Monthly usage rate of $3.50 per 1,000 gallons
(2) Residential Sewer rates in the City:
A. Monthly base rate $15.00
B. Monthly usage rate of $3.50 per 1,000 gallons.

Frontier Waste Solutions


The City of Riesel has contracted with
Frontier Waste Solutions for trash collection services.
If you are outside the Riesel City Limits,
please contact Frontier directly to arrange for service in rural areas.
1 Cart, Residential: $14.96
2 Carts, Residential: $22.45
1 Cart, Commercial: $25.86
2 Carts, Commercial: $35.54
For Dumpsters, Contact Cristen Conner At City Hall
• Collection is weekly, every Monday
• To ensure collection, carts must be out no later than 7:00 a.m. on Monday mornings
• Carts are not to be put out sooner than 12 hrs in advance
• Carts may not be left out at the street more than 12 hours after pickup
• Only the city issued Frontier Waste carts will be emptied
• Carts must be placed within five (5) feet of curbside or right of way in order to allow for the
automated truck to reach them
• All garbage is to be placed INSIDE the cart and bagged to prevent loose items from blowing out
• Bulk waste pickup will be offered ONCE a month on the first Monday of each month (see bulk
• Trash carts and BULK items must be placed at least 4 feet apart to allow for the automation
• Place carts six feet (6’) from obstructions, such as vehicles or mailboxes, and no more than
thirty-six inches (36”) from the edge of the road. Place carts four feet (4’) apart with the handles
facing your home or fence. *Note: Any obstruction preventing the trash truck from properly
reaching a set out cart could result in your trash not being collected for the week. VIDEO
• Lids must be securely closed.
• House-side pick-up for those needing Handicapped or Elderly assistance will be available by
notifying City Hall in writing.
Ordinance #2018-07, Section 10.02
Placement for Collection
(a) Except for brush and bulk on its designated day, all refuse must be placed inside the refuse receptacle(s), without undue
compaction or overfilling, and allowing the lid to close. Refuse will not be picked up if the refuse receptacle(s) lid is not closed
flat or if the refuse is placed outside refuse receptacle(s). No refuse shall be placed on top of the refuse receptacle(s).
(b) Carts and brush/bulk shall be placed for collection at curbside, no further than thirty-six (36) inches from the edge of the
roadway and a minimum of six feet from any vehicle or mailbox. Carts mush be closed in such a manner as to reasonably protect
the enclosed refuse from the elements, from flies and other insects and from animals.
10.03 Time limits for leaving on streets.
Owners, occupants, tenants or lessee of residences shall not place refuse for collection on any city street or public right-of-way
more than 12 hours prior to the scheduled day of collection, nor shall refuse receptacle(s) be permitted to remain on city streets or
public rights-of-way more than 12 hours after the scheduled day of collection, except that where alleys exist and collection is
made from the alley, permanent containers may be placed and stored in a sanitary manner


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