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Riesel Water Department
Cristen Conner
Water Accounts

Accounting / Bookkeeping




Deposit $200.00

* Tap Fee $3,000.00 for 3/4" Line  or  $3,500.00 for 1" Line

*Billing Information 254-896-6501

* To Report Water Leaks or Water Emergencies call 896-6501 or 896-6681 (Day)

* To Report a Water Related Emergency at Night

(254) 424-8480 or (254) 424-6658



Deposit $100.00

  * Tap Fee $2,000.00

*Billing Information 254-896-6501

* Emergency Number 896-6501 or 896-6681 (Day)

* To Report a Sewer Related Emergency at Night

(254) 424-8480 or (254) 424-6658  



* Deposit None

* Fees Resident $15.14 (one cart) + Tax  or  23.12 + tax (two cart)

Commercial $18.05 + Tax

* Billing Information 254-896-6501

* Emergency Numbers 254-896-6501 Day only 



· Water Bills are mailed out on or about the 1st of each month.

· If you have not received your bill please contact the water department at Riesel City Hall at 254-896-6501.

· All water bills are due by the 15th of each month. Monthly bills are paid at the Texas First State Bank.  All disconnects for non-payment are paid at City Hall.  (No Cash or Personal Checks.  Money Orders or Cashier's Check's Only)

· All water bills that are not paid by the close of business on the 15th of each month will be assessed a 10% late fee.

· All water accounts that have not paid their balance in full by the last working day of each month by 3:30 pm will have a work order issued to disconnect service on the first working day of the new month.

· Once a work order has been ISSUED to disconnect service a $25.00 re-connection fee will be added to the balance owed.

· The total balance due must be paid in full before service will be restored.
emergency water or sewer issues after 4:30 pm or on the weekend / holiday  please call 254-424-6658. This is not for restoring disconnected service due to non-payment.

Cloudy water, also known as white water, is caused by air bubbles in the water.  It's completely harmless. Once water from our reservoir enters the transmission and distribution pipes,the water is pressurized.  Water under pressure holds more air than water that is not pressurized.  Once the water comes out of your tap, the water is no longer under pressure and the air comes of the the water as bubbles (similar to a carbonated soft drink). The best thing to do is let it sit in an open container until the bubbles naturally disappear, which takes about a minute for a regular sized glass of water.  It should start clearing from the bottom of the glass and go up as the bubbles are released.  If you have further questions, please call Bill Shipp at the water plant at 896-6681.